My Favourite TV Shows (January)

So anyone who knows me will know that I love chilling with Netflix or a box-set and I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you…because who doesn’t welcome new shows to binge on?

1: Person of Interest          Sourceperson-of-interest

This show!! I got through season 1 in about 3 days – there is about 23 episodes per season, just to put that into perspective. I am just about to start season 3, there are 5 seasons all together. So to put it in short, this show is about a highly intelligent computer genius, Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) who recruits an ex-CIA agent, John Reese (Jim Caviezel) to help protect people. The man-built “machine” notifies the duo of someone who is in trouble and together they fight off the danger. This show is my perfect mix of action and comedy – John’s no-care tough attitude makes the fight scenes fun and intense to watch, and the dry sense of humour shared by all the characters makes this a stand out show! (And one last note – when you meet Zoe, I know you will fall in love with her as much as I did…she’s my current girl crush♥)

2: Suits          Source

So I couldn’t do a blog post and not include the show that competes with Friends as my favourite show of all time! I’ve watched Seasons 1-3 twice through and Season 4 once, I’m patiently waiting for Season 5 to come on Netflix – hurry up!! I’m studying law right now and I just love the dramatic, intense situations these lawyers find themselves in. But, that is not the best part about Suits, the bromance between Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Mike Ross (Patrick Adams) is – the comedic timing and wit of both of these characters is what makes it for me! Fab show – a must see…But just a warning, before y’all give up on it, I was so confused in the first episode until about 30 mins in, now I’m so glad I stuck it out ♥

3: Nashville          Source

This show is the perfect mix of drama and music. In a nutshell, this show is about a group of intertwining country singers who are all trying to “make it”, or “maintain it”. You’ve got Country Queen battles, scandal, romance, and perfect soundtracks. Even if you’re not a huge country music fan, this show will either change your mind, or you’ll keep watching it anyway (yep, I’m going as far as to say that). Everyone has their own favourite character because each one has got their own backstory, and you’ll change your mind about who you like and dislike constantly!

4: The Client List          Source

So I haven’t recently watched this show but I was a huge fan when it was first broadcast and I can’t wait to re-watch it now that it’s on Netflix. It’s perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea but I personally loved watching it. It’s basically about a mother, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character, who gets a job as a masseuse while her husband is in prison. However, she is a masseuse that does special favours for extra cash…if you get where I’m going with this (hence the name of the show). Again, plenty of drama in this show and a lot of is just a bit of fun to watch – highly recommend if you like these kind of shows.

5: Sherlock          Source

If you haven’t watched this yet, or have not been intrigued about what all the recent fuss has been about…you need to get on this show now! Prior seasons are available on Netflix UK (not sure about other countries). So please give this show a chance – It’s just so smart! One of my favourite kind of shows are the ones where it’s clear there’s a brain behind it – Sherlock is one of those shows where you really have to pay attention to Sherlock’s thought process (which is amazing to watch, btw). The way all the pieces fit together in this show is clever. There is a new mystery each episode but there is a recurring problem, or bigger evil if you will, throughout the whole of one series. Again, another series where you see a bromance fall neatly into place and if you have seen the latest season, you will appreciate it so much!

And I think that’s all I have to say just now on the shows I’m currently loving. I’m planning to do one of these every month to pass on some of my TV show love.
Hope you enjoyed reading, and please leave a comment if you’ve seen any of these shows or know some that I might enjoy!

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