My Top 15 Films – Part 1

I’m such a film-fanatic and could easily watch film after film so thought I’d share with you some of my favourites. As I was writing this blog post, I realised that I had quite a bit to say about each film so I’ve decided to split it into 2 – hope you enjoy…and don’t forget to leave comments of some of your favourite films!
(By the way, some of my explanations aren’t the best so I’d recommend going and checking out the trailers through the links I’ve provided and see for yourself)
These are in no particular order (I feel like a talent show host saying that):

Rock of Ages
If you feel like you might enjoy a musical involving top songs of the 80’s sang by a wide range of actors, then I’d recommend this film. This film receives mixed reviews and some criticism, but personally it’s one of my absolute favourites.
I love the music in this film and, who knew Tom Cruise could sing rock?!
Each character is attempting (or failing) to live the Hollywood dream and it’s interesting to see how each of their lives are playing out.
I’d recommend this film to people who enjoy musicals with a bit of comedy rolled in.7
IMDb Link      Trailer

Legally Blonde
The first time I watched this film was probably in my early teens, and it’s when I started considering being a lawyer (I’m now studying law at university so that just proves that point haha). I love the message in this film – it doesn’t matter if you are a girly-girl, if you want to achieve something, don’t let others say you’ll never do it!
Legally Blonde is about your typical American “rich-girl” who’s boyfriend breaks up with her for not being smart enough. She then does everything she can to prove him wrong, and that means going to Harvard Law School and proving she’s one of the best lawyers they’ve seen!
IMDb Link      Trailer

London Has Fallen
I was going to include Olympus Has Fallen in this (which is very good), but I actually enjoyed London Has Fallen more. Gerard Butler plays the “bodyguard” of the President of the United States, so when a terrorist attack hits a congregation of world leaders, Butler’s skills are put to the test. My favourite type of films are action-comedies and this film has both – so a winning combo for me and why this film is one of top favourites.
IMDb Link      Trailer

Mean Girls
If you haven’t seen this film by now then I really don’t know how you’ve gotten this far without it.  It’s one of the most iconic, if not the most, iconic chick-flick going, and it’s 13 years old this year – that just shows that nothing has beaten it so far. This film shows the journey of a home-schooled girl joining the terrors of high school. Between strict cliques, b**ch fights and boy troubles, it’s just a fab, chilled night-in watch with your girlfriends.
IMDb Link      Trailer

Fast and Furious Franchise
Me and my friend are such big fast and furious fans! Yeah, maybe the action is pretty far-fetched…but nonetheless – they’re great action films! I love the high-intensity car chases and drag races. My favourite characters are Tej and Roman – the comedy lines between them are some of the best! Also, my favourite film of the franchise so far is the 5th one (the one set in the Brazil and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s first fast and furious movie).
I haven’t included the IMDb links or trailers here because so far there are 7 films so just take a look for yourself and see which ones you might fancy 🙂

The Heat
Me and my friends went to see this in the cinema and we laughed non-stop! Melissa McCarthy’s great anyway (we know that) but she really gels well with Sandra Bullock! This film is essentially about two detectives that team up together to investigate a drug dealer – they’re both trying to show who’s the best detective, but as the film goes on, they start to realise how much they need each other. Great comedy!
IMDb Link      Trailer

Another Melissa McCarthy favourite! But this time she teams up with Jason Statham – these 2 together are a surprisingly great fit! Melissa’s character is not one of the top spies in her firm, but she puts herself forward to go undercover and help with the mission. You’ve got Jason thinking he’s the best spy the world’s ever seen, and Melissa trying to show him that, 1) Why he’s not & 2) That she’s a damn good spy as well!
This is another film from my favourite genre – action-comedy. As well as Melissa and Jason, you also get Jude Law and Miranda Hart – my description doesn’t do it justice…just watch it for yourself and laugh, you’ll get why it’s one of my favs.
IMDb Link      Trailer

So that’s Part 1 of My Favourite Films – Part 2 will be coming next week.
As I said above, leave some comments about your favourite films and maybe we’ve got some in common?

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Thanks for reading,
Sophie xx



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