Music I’m Loving ♥

I love discovering music that I’ve never heard before – new and old. This is why I don’t know what I’d do without Spotify – I’ve discovered so much music that I love from using this! And no this post is not sponsored by Spotify (but I’d be open to the opportunity *hint hint*).
So if you’re like me and like finding some new tunes to listen to, hopefully there’s something here for some of you 🙂

Dirty Laundry by Nickelback and All Time Low – nope, not a collab – both artists have a song called this and I’m loving them both! Went searching for one and came across the other…so an accidental find, but a fab find nonetheless.

Sign of the Times by Harry Styles – I’m currently listening to this as I type and it’s going on the list. I’m not a die-hard 1D fan but I do like their music so I was intrigued as to what Harry would do. I like it because it doesn’t sound like a “boyband” song, it’s original – it’s his style and I like it! (If I could do the ok/perfect emoji right now, I would)

Bad Girls by MKTO – I heard this song on a Netflix advert and immediately searched the lyrics to find the song. It’s so catchy, I can’t help but bop about to it! I’ve never heard of this duo before so I’m going to snoop around some of their other material.

Believer by Imagine Dragons – when do Imagine Dragons not produce some great, catchy material?! I don’t know how to describe this song but it reminds me of something and I can’t put my finger on it. It’s like a spooky, rocky, catchy hybrid. That probably means nothing but if you haven’t heard it yet, give it a listen and see if you get what I mean.

Give In to Me by Michael Jackson – I went through an MJ obsession this past month and I couldn’t stop listening! I’d heard this song once or twice before but I forgot about it. Then I re-discovered it and love it! MJ’s music is always a winner and this isn’t the only one of his songs I love (for obvious reasons), but this is one of his lesser known ones so thought I’d put it in the list.

Purple Rain by Prince – I don’t really need to explain why I love this song so…..just one thing, guitar solo and the “oohs” are my favourite bit of the song!

Music from Nashville – So this isn’t a song but I’ve got a whole playlist on Spotify dedicated to songs from the TV Series, Nashville. I LOVE the songs so much, I’ve got a slight love for country music anyway but I think this is a good introduction to it!

So that’s some of the songs I’ve been loving this past little while. Let me know in the comments if you like any of the recommendations or you’ve got some for me.

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Thanks for reading,
Sophie xx

The Truth About Uni|Why I Chose Everything

Welcome to my new blog series/collab!

So as you may have gathered, the series is called ‘The Truth About Uni’ and it is in collaboration with some other great girls (links will be at the end).
Each post in the series will be a different uni-related topic. With this collab we hope to give some of you a heads-up of what to expect, some tips and just share some of our experiences…hope you enjoy!

My Course

The course that I’m studying is Law and I’m currently in my second year.
No one I know is a lawyer so I pretty much applied to the unknown. I started thinking about what I wanted to do when I was 14…you know when you have to make a my-world-of-work account and take that quiz?! (Is that still a thing?)  And a lot of the careers that were being suggested I just didn’t fancy. I think it was maybe my guidance teacher that suggested looking into law, so that’s what I did…5 years later and that’s what I’m doing.
My degree is 4 years long and then if I want to be a practising solicitor, I have to do the Diploma of Legal Practice which entails some teaching and a 2 year traineeship in a law firm (note: this is for Scotland).
I still haven’t really settled on a clear cut answer as to why I decided on law.
One thing I like is the wide range of areas of law you can go into. For example, you’ve got commercial, criminal, family, succession…and a lot more! It just depends what grabs your attention and what you could spend time on. Because trust me, you will spend A LOT of time reading up on cases and legislation.
Another reason I like studying it is because it’s very clear-cut and structured. There’s no experiments or formulas, you look at the law and you apply it.
If you have any more questions about studying law feel free to leave me a comment or send me and email (link is down below)

My University

I’m studying at the University of Aberdeen. I chose this uni for a couple of reasons:
1) Aberdeen is my home and I didn’t feel ready to move away. All my friends were staying at home and I didn’t feel ready to leave my parents.
2) Aberdeen Uni is actually pretty high up on the teaching scale for law so I’m quite lucky that I had a reputable uni in my city.

I like my university – the buildings are historic but classic. I’ll try and take some photos of some of the classic buildings for a later post, but just have a quick google search – some of them really are beautiful!
But besides looks, I’ve come across some great lecturers! One that I currently have doesn’t just explain the law, he tells you how to use it…how to be a good lawyer. And I like gaining knowledge from those who have had the experience. You can tell that some of them really care about delivering some fresh, respectable lawyers, and that’s important to me.

Once again, if you have any questions about anything I’ve talked about, feel free to leave a comment or send an email to –

The lovely ladies that I’m doing this series with are –
JasmineBeckyKatherineToriSaffronAnnaleid and Jen
So go check out their blogs and see what courses they are currently undertaking at uni.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit about my uni life and you’re looking forward to the next post in the series!
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My Top 15 Films – Part 1

I’m such a film-fanatic and could easily watch film after film so thought I’d share with you some of my favourites. As I was writing this blog post, I realised that I had quite a bit to say about each film so I’ve decided to split it into 2 – hope you enjoy…and don’t forget to leave comments of some of your favourite films! Continue reading “My Top 15 Films – Part 1”

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Welcome to my Blog!

whatta-melonHello and welcome to my new blog – The Glamour Reel 

So if you have came from seeing my Twitter posts (@GlamourReel), then you will know that I recently had a blog over on Blogger. After doing some research, I have decided to give WordPress a go.

I’m still getting used to A LOT of new features and customisation so please bear with me! But I hope you will enjoy seeing my latest posts on here.

My Blog

My blog will consist mainly of beauty and lifestyle, but I will also be throwing in the occasional fashion or movie review blog post. I used to do movie reviews on my older blog but I’ve decided to mix it all together and give blogging a proper go in 2017!

A new post will hopefully be coming tomorrow (no, I’m not usually this organised but this isn’t a proper blog post to me).

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